The mission of The NPC Athlete Profile is to gather information about an individual’s current performance in order to provide meaningful and customized feedback to the athlete for continued growth, development, and investment during the athlete’s career.

The assessment is relative to peers and spans a complete spectrum of athletic qualities necessary for success in the game of field hockey.

The assessment provides a current projected trajectory at the next level of the sport based upon the snapshot captured at the NPC. (Important note: This trajectory is contingent upon observed performance within a 3-day window of time.  It is meant to provide the athlete with meaningful information about how they are perceived in each area evaluated and to direct next steps in their development.  The assessment is based only upon the 3-day National Player Combine).



The assessment tool to optimize your
field hockey development


THE NPC Athlete Profile will provide insight to participating athletes and parents on the following questions:

  • What areas of the game am I strongest in?
  • What specific areas of the game do I need to improve?
  • What is the standard necessary to play at the next level?  What level am I currently at?
  • How do I compare with my peers nationally?
  • How am I perceived as an athlete, teammate, and competitor during the 3-day NPC snapshot?




The assessment is divided into five areas critical to success in the game of field hockey:

Physical Attributes
Technical Skills Under Pressure
Tactical Awareness (Hockey IQ, Game Sense)
Development Potential

Each area is divided into specific attributes and skills.


Athletes are assessed on each of the specific attributes/skills during the NPC.
The table below provides specific descriptions and classifications for each rating.

Scale 4 3 2 1
Description Significantly Limits Performance Needs Improvement Strength Super Strength
Next Level Classification Possible D2/D3/D1 Club Probable D2/D3
(Possible D1)
Probable D1
(Possible Top D1)
Probable Top 10-20 DI
(Possible International)


Class analytics will be provided for each of the classes based upon the assessment.  Class analytics provide insight on how an individual athlete compares to the rest of their age group in the specific areas.  View  2022 NPC Analytics